871 preset memory locations

   (290 banks of 3 presets, plus a Global Preset)

  Create up to 870 songs

  Organized the 870 songs in to 64 sets of 56 songs

  Switches can be assigned to the user's preference.

  2 expression pedals or 4 foot-switches (XPDL1/XPDL2)

  3 MIDI OUT connectors

   (one standard MIDI connector and two 1/8 inch phone connectors)

  16 MIDI messages (PC, CC, Note or SysEx) each preset

  12 MIDI messages (PC, CC, Note or SysEx) each switch

  MIDI Time Clock

  80 MIDI System Exclusive slots

  USB Connection to a PC or MAC

  Graphic LCD for to show a lot of information

  Easily copy presets, banks, songs and sets

  Easily name presets, songs, sets, pages and switches

  Heavy-duty footswitches

  Powered by 9VDC(center negative) 100mA, phantom or USB

  Dimensions : 160(W) x 93(D) x 63(H) mm

6.3(W) x 3.7(D) x 2.5(H) inches

  Weight : 550 g / 1.2 lb

  Hi-Res Pictures

Picture1  Picture2  Picture3  Picture4




MTX-5 Manual (English, version 3.0x)

MTX-5 Manual (Korean, version 3.0x)




MTX-5 Firmware v3.02 (28-OCT-2023)

You can update new firmware using the MTX-5 editor.




MTX-5 Editor v3.01 (for Windows, 11-JUN-2023)

MTX-5 Editor v3.01 (for Mac, 11-JUN-2023)

Make sure to update the latest firmware(v3.00 or higher).